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REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring Systems: Absolutely the hottest trend in commercial, retail and residential flooring systems with designers and... Read More ‣

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Large spaces with heavy foot and equipment traffic need special protection from the wear and tear of normal business operations. Certain requirements... Read More ‣

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Epoxy coatings are a practical and beautiful alternative to tile, laminate and concrete floors. 

For the home

Seamless epoxy flooring can be installed in any area you might install tile, concrete, hardwood or carpet. The durability and endless color combinations of epoxy to choose from can transform any space and fit to any theme or decor!
Seamless epoxy replaces all of the flooring options and is quickly becoming the most sought after flooring option of the century.

Why Seamless Epoxy?

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Cost Effective
  • Supreme Elegance 
  • Ultra custom and modern

Why not?

  • Carpets get worn down quickly and hold dirt.
  • Grout becomes discolored and impossible to maintain. 
  • Granite and marble is expensive
  • Hardwood floors are beautiful but not practical for all applications and limited in color variety

There isn’t a reason why not! Call us today to get a no obligation quote for your next flooring project 860-983-6688

For commercial epoxy flooring

Hotels, Restaurants, Laundry facilities, Bathroom facilities, kitchens, lobbies, pool decks, warehouse storage facilities, retail shopping malls, auto dealerships and showroom floors, medical offices, restaurants, sports venues Large spaces with heavy foot and equipment traffic need special protection from the wear and tear of normal business operations. Certain requirements call for special finishes like sand and grit finishes that add a non-skid layer to the floors that are frequently wet, greasy or have occasional chemical spills preventing injury and adding to the durability of your floors.

Industrial Epoxy Floors


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Elite Crete® Reflector Enhancer Flooring Systems

Reflector Enhancer epoxy flooring systems

are a the hottest trend in custom flooring. Adding to our already popular decorative flooring business is the newest innovation to hit the decorative concrete industry for decades. With only a handful of applicators trained in this product in Georgia, we are excited to be able to offer you this innovative new flooring.

Quickly becoming our most requested flooring system, the REFLECTOR Enhancer epoxy system is a non-mica, non-metallic colorant that reflects and refracts light to create a 3 dimensional dynamic depth of color. REFLECTOR Enhancer gives the look of stained concrete but upon closer inspection it has a shimmer and sparkle unlike any other flooring product produced. Each floor is a custom, one of a kind floor that can be customized for each individual project.

Architects and designers are showcasing the REFLECTOR Enhancer flooring system to their clients due to the ability to highly customize their project. With an endless possibility of designs and color combinations to choose from, you can design your room based off of your floor design or your floor based on your room design. It’s fluid and LOW-VOC application means it’s perfect for office spaces, residential homes, high traffic areas like hotels and apartment buildings and even in large malls that want a dramatic effect to WOW their shoppers.

These floor systems can be installed over your wood subfloor, over good concrete and in most cases, over deteriorating concrete. These floors can be installed with or without seams, are virtually odorless during application, UV stable and are custom designed for you!

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